Pricing Estimator

Use this calculator to estimate your project quote per day.
Setup and Rehearsal days usually bill the same as Streaming days.
. All projects will always be quoted.

It is our desire to provide you a comfortable experience of flawless quality!

DAILY Estimate - see Notes below. Quantity Price
Streaming Day Rate - Base System * $1499
Camera Operator & basic pro gear ** $600
Audio Operator & basic pro gear $500
Assistant/Grip (a 'must' on 2+ operator and advanced projects) $400
Prompter $400
Content Delivery - for every 400 simultaneous users over 200 (included), per hour. *** $50


* Base System = A Streaming-Encoder with built-in 3 camera HD switch, dual stream delivery, and MP4 recorder.
An operator is included!
Your titles, lower-thirds, bug, PowerPoint and file graphics and videos playbacks are included.
A static camera (Canon HF G40) and wired mic (lav or handheld) is included on request.
All normal and usual network interfacing is included, as is redundancy and limited content delivery ***.
A base day is 6 hours on-location; overtime, travel time and per-diem will be quoted & charged.

** Camera Operator prices, which include a broadcast camera and sticks, are a market commodity and vary accordingly.

Audio Operator prices include an analog mixer and up to 4 wired mics. Additional items, such as wireless mics, reinforcement and foldback monitors, will be quoted.

Promptor rental includes programming.

*** Content Delivery Network charges, if applicable, are market commodity and vary accordingly. Our base rate includes bandwidth for up to 200 simultaneous users watching a 720P or 1080i stream for up to 2 hours. Additional time & bandwidth may be prorated.
We do not charge for using your CDN, Zoom, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Teams, etc.

Additional quoted and billable services may include additional encoder/switchers, sound system/reinforcement, video display screens & projection, staging, makeup, lighting services, video editing, intercom, web services (CDN tie-ins, log-in verification, scripting, monetization), remote email, Q&A interface, etc.